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Volunteer Opportunities

Alumnae volunteers sitting around a table

Whether you are a recent grad, a seasoned Smith volunteer or just reconnecting with the college, there are numerous ways you can be involved with Smith by tapping into your talents and getting plugged in. Always loved Reunion? Help us pull it off. Excited to support connections with other Smithies where you live? Host events through your local Smith Club. Charged up to help us meet a fundraising goal? Appeal to your class about The Smith Fund. We can find a great fit for you and, along the way, you’ll pick up new, invaluable skills, grow your network and feel connected to a community you cherish.

When you volunteer, you:

  • Have fun working with a great team of alums.
  • Build your Smith community.
  • Enhance your leadership skills.
  • Gain behind-the-scenes insights into Smith.
  • Give back to an institution you love.
  • Broaden your social and professional networks.
  • Receive ongoing personal development and fundraising training.

Get Involved

Volunteers make Smith stronger—plus, it’s just plain fun to connect with fellow alums. Learn how you can get involved and find tools and resources to get the job done.

Share your passion for Smith with prospective students and their families by becoming an Alumnae admission volunteer. More than 1,800 alums help identify the best and brightest prospective students by representing Smith at college fairs (we supply materials and training), by conducting local interviews for students applying to the college and by working with high school guidance counselors to distribute the Smith College Book Award. If you are interested in learning more about becoming involved in recruiting students for Smith, please contact us at

What You Can Do

  • Talk to high school students in your hometown about your Smith experience.
  • Represent Smith at college fairs in your hometown.
  • Interview prospective students and guide them through the application process.

Smith clubs as well as affinity and special interest groups around the world host a variety of events—book clubs, community service projects, museum visits—that provide opportunities to connect with the college, alums, faculty and students.

What You Can Do

  • Help plan programs and events for alums and prospective students.
  • Reach out to alums in your local area.
  • Host a book group.
  • Solicit support for the college.

Help alums connect with Smith and one another as a class volunteer.

What You Can Do

  • Help plan your class Reunion celebration.
  • Manage your class Facebook page.
  • Collect and write class notes for the Smith Alumnae Quarterly.

Reunion volunteers have an opportunity to plan programs, get to know classmates and enjoy being a part of this special annual event.

What You Can Do

  • Plan programs.
  • Reach out to classmates to encourage attendance.
  • Become a house rep.

One Hour to Spare

Volunteers make Smith stronger—plus, it’s rewarding to connect with fellow alums. Learn how you can get involved and find tools and resources to get the job done.

  • Share a positive post about Smith on social media using the Alumnae Facebook page.
  • Join your local Smith Club, where you send care packages to students, organize an event or participate in community service.


There are a variety of ways for classes, clubs and groups to share their Smith-related news and communications. Be sure to use your class website and local Smith club for your communications.

Broadcast Emails & Newsletters

Smith can send broadcast emails on behalf of your class, club or group. Emails must adhere to our established standards, and cannot contain offensive or libelous content. Email messages must refrain from editorializing or making judgments about Smith College programs or policies. The content of emails must be related to Smith College or alum business or events. External links in emails must direct to appropriate websites.

Please reach out directly to your class manager with questions related to class communications and newsletters. Class managers will work with class presidents to ensure that each class has the opportunity to send an email newsletter twice each year.

Email request guidelines

Emails are sent on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays whenever possible, as these days generally garner the best open rates. If you would prefer to have your email sent on a specific day and time, feel free to indicate that. Due to the volume of email requests, please provide at least one week notice for emails to be designed and proofed before sending.

In your email request, include:

  • A subject line for the email.
  • The address to which the replies should be sent.  The email must come from as it has gone through a specific vetting process so it won’t get blacklisted.
  • The final text of the email, either in a Word or Pages document
  • Any images that you want to be included. The larger the image, the easier it is to resize it to the correct proportions without distorting the image.
  • Submit your email request using this Google Form

If you need assistance please contact


The Office of Alumnae Relations and Development offers a free, easy-to-use template-based system for classes, clubs and groups. This system is built on the WordPress publishing platform. All pages share a common look and feel and the maintainer simply needs to add text and images to create or update any of the pages.

Social Media

Consider using social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to increase your group’s visibility. The college does not offer support for class, club or group social media pages. 

Encourage Updated Information

Encourage alums to keep their information current in the Alumnae Directory, as this is the resource for email and home addresses used by clubs, affinity groups and classes. Alums can log in to the Alumnae Directory to update their own contact information and stay connected with friends, classmates and other alums.

Keep Your Website Fresh

Create a vibrant and robust website that shares news and information about your class, club, group and the college. Update your website regularly with member profiles, class/club/group news, news from Smith, event announcements or audio and video. Many classes use their websites effectively during the year leading up to Reunion, sharing plans for the weekend and requests for volunteers.

Maintain News

Whenever appropriate, collect your news in an email message and send it to classmates or club or group members. Draw news and information from Smith’s news outlets:

The Smith College logo and wordmark should be a significant graphic element on all printed materials and websites. Several different versions of the logo are available; when in doubt as to which you should use, please contact College Relations.



Treasurers should make clear to other class officers the system for reimbursing expenses. All invoices should be in the name of the organization. Invoices are payable only after they have been approved by the authorizing officer. The treasurer should also make clear to all officers the amount of discretionary money that is available for them to spend on a particular project.

The executive committee of officers generally determines the guidelines concerning the expenses of volunteers. The AASC offers the following suggestions:

  • Develop a routine system for reimbursing volunteers.
  • Include receipts for all reimbursement requests, accompanied by an explanation of how/when the expense was incurred.


Reimbursable Expenses

  • Travel expenses: airfare, train, bus, automobile mileage, cab fare, parking fees, tolls, shuttles, public transportation, car rental
  • Accommodations: hotel, motel, bed and breakfast
  • Meals: reimbursed with receipt. Establish guidelines based on a set meal allowance (e.g., $5 for breakfast or $25 per 24-hour period)
  • Tips: baggage handling, room service, waitperson
  • Organization business: telephone calls, postage, copying, faxing
  • All previously authorized expenses: supplies, stationery, envelopes, etc.

Nonreimbursable Expenses

  • Parking tickets or speeding fines
  • Personal services such as dry cleaning, manicures, shoe shining
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal gifts
  • Child care while on organization business. (This is an expense that an organization may decide to develop a policy on for reimbursing volunteers.)


Office of Alumnae Relations & Development

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Phone: 800-526-2023 (option 4) or 413-585-2040
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