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Health & Wellness

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The Schacht Center for Health and Wellness provides accessible, professional medical and mental health care, and wellness education to Smith’s diverse population. As college health care professionals knowledgeable about developmental issues, we work with students in promoting their physical and psychological well-being. We collaborate with the larger college community, supporting students in accomplishing their educational goals.


The Student Portal is Available for Incoming Students

The Patient Portal is available for incoming students to upload health forms. Please make sure to check your secure messages through the portal. Health Services will let you know if there are any outstanding requirements or if your health requirements have been met through the patient portal. For questions, please email


The Schacht Center is CLOSED until August 21

Here is a list of available resources during the summer. For COVID-19 related questions, please email

Introducing My SSP

We now offer My Student Support Program (My SSP), a free supplemental service, to all enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (including students studying abroad), no matter the student’s location or health insurance provider. Visit the Counseling Services page to learn more.

The Schacht Center welcomes your feedback!

Students are able to provide feedback to the Schacht Center using this form. Submissions are anonymous unless contact information is provided. 

Students will receive a survey link after visits with Schacht Center providers. Please take 3-5 minutes to complete the survey. Feedback is welcomed after each visit. Questions asking about identity will help us to provide equitable and inclusive care. All questions are optional and can be skipped if you prefer.

Log in with your Smith user name and password to receive secure messages from medical providers on campus, 上传医疗记录, access forms and health-related information. Learn more about the patient portal.

For New Students: Please note that the patient portal will be available to new students after June 7, 2021, with unlimited access. See the New Student Resources page to learn about required forms and information before your arrival on campus.

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About the Schacht Center

  • We can take care of most medical and mental health needs here on campus—free and confidentially.
  • There are no office visit charges for medical, mental health and wellness appointments.
  • Same-day and next-day appointments are available. Crisis appointments are available.
  • We can help 24/7, even if we are closed! If you are sick or injured and need medical advice or care, you can reach a nurse or counselor to help you.
  • All care is confidential, except in the case of life-threatening, dangerous emergencies.
  • We communicate with you through our patient portal. You will be notified by email when you have a secure message. 
  • Campus safety can provide urgent transportation if you are sick or injured.
  • Wellness Services provides a wide range of wholeness programs and offers drop-in hours as well as individual appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Schacht Center?
The Schacht Center for Health and Wellness is located at 21 Belmont Avenue, adjacent to Scott Gym.


How do I make an appointment?
You must call for an appointment; there are no walk-in hours. Same-day and next-day appointments are available. Crisis appointments are available.


Will you respect my privacy?
Yes. All services are confidential. The only exception is in an unusually dangerous or life-threatening emergency.


Do I have to pay?
Office visits at the Schacht Center are free of charge regardless of insurance. Some services, such as lab tests and vaccines, may incur charges. The Smith College Insurance Plan covers most services. Students with private insurance should call their insurance provider regarding any questions about coverage. We do not, and can not, bill private insurance. Instead, we bill the student’s account, and provide a claim form for the student to complete and submit to their insurance.


Do you provide HIV and STI testing, education and information?
Yes. Confidential testing is available at Medical Services during regular clinic hours by appointment.


Can I get emergency contraception or latex items at Medical Services?
You can get emergency contraception from Health Services for $25 with a nurse appointment or as a precaution. All latex (condoms, dams, etc.) is ordered by the Health Reps and distributed to the houses.


What if I’m too sick to walk to the Schacht Center?
If you are too sick or injured to walk to the Schacht Center you can call the nurse’s station at 413-585-2813 and they can coordinate transport for you via Access Van or Campus Safety.


Will you respect my identity?
Yes. At the Schacht Center, we honor all cultures, gender identities, preferred names and pronouns. Please notify the Schacht Center of any information that is important for us to know in order to provide you the best care possible.


What if I need something when the Schacht Center is closed?
FIRST, call the after-hours nurse at 413-585-2800 (Option 1) or counselor at 413-585-2800 (Option 2) for assistance. Contact your insurance company regarding coverage. If needed, urgent care without an appointment is available at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and CVS Minute Clinic.

Please note that appointment scheduling, insurance/billing questions, record requests and prescription refills cannot be handled by the after-hours nurse and the student should call when the Schacht Center is open.

How do I make a first, non-crisis appointment in 2022–23?

Please be aware that you will need to fill out paperwork online that will be sent to you through the Patient Portal before you can be seen. Once you book an appointment the paperwork will be available to you.


How do I access crisis or urgent care?

  • Call us at 413-585-2800 or stop by during business hours.
  • During our business hours, you will be connected with a member of our staff and seen the same day or connected to emergency services.
  • Nights and weekends, our number will connect you with licensed on-call providers.
  • Call Campus Safety, who can take you to the hospital, at 413-585-5555
  • Call 911
  • Call 988 for The National Suicide and Crisis Hotline
  • Go to your nearest emergency room
  • Please see other resources on the Crisis Resource page


How do I register for a group?

Groups generally offered include the following topics: Sexual and Dating Violence, Grief, ADHD Skills, TGNC Support, BIPOC Support, Immunocompromised/Chronic Illness Support, DBT Skills, Healing from Disordered Eating and many others.


How do I register for a continuing appointment?
Therapists schedule continuing appointments as needed, so first meet with a therapist and then discuss a treatment plan with them.


Can I just schedule an appointment online?
Some same-day/single session appointments as well as group sessions can be booked online through the Patient Portal. If you are unsure what kind of appointment you should have, just call us. If you need to see someone right away or have a specific treatment request, please call us at 1-413-585-2800.


What should I expect when I come for an appointment?
The first time you come you will have a single session/same-day appointment. The therapist will then speak to you about what kinds of services might best meet your needs given our resources.

If you have insurance or financial resources and/or require specialist care, you may be referred out into the community. Your therapist and our Care Coordinator will help you with this process.


What is the diversity of the staff?
We encourage you to check out our staff page. ALL staff are dedicated and trained to work with a variety of student identities.


Are counseling appointments in person or online?
If you are working with one of our Counseling Service staff, they will be in the office at the Schacht Center. You may elect to meet in person and masked, or over Zoom.


What is My SSP?
This is an online telehealth service that provides free counseling to any Smith student, in over 150 languages, no matter your location. The providers are not a part of the Counseling Service staff. My SSP uses an app or can be reached by phone.


Other facts about Counseling Services:

  • Last year, more than 35% of students visited the Counseling Service
  • More than half of any senior class has visited the Counseling Service
  • The racial distribution of students who visit the Counseling Service is slightly larger than the broad student population.
  • There is no charge for any service, except some lab services. Prescriptions filled at pharmacies may have a co-pay.
  • We are generally open 8:30 a.m.–4:30p.m. daily, but some ongoing individual and group sessions are available in the evening. My SSP sessions are available 24/7.

Can I email you my forms?
No. We do not accept emailed records. Email is not a secure method of health care correspondence. Don’t forget to keep copies for yourself.


Where do I send my forms and records?
Forms can be uploaded to the Patient Portal or mailed to:

Smith College
Schacht Center for Health and Wellness
21 Belmont Avenue Northampton, MA 01063


Can I just send vaccine records from my last school or my last doctor’s appointment to you?
Yes. However, do not assume you have received all required vaccines as requirements may change and vary from state to state. Massachusetts immunization requirements are very strict. Carefully review your records against the requirements to be certain you submit complete documentation.


I can’t get every required vaccine in my home country. What should I do?
Don’t worry. You can get all required vaccines at local pharmacies, such as CVS or Walgreens, in Massachusetts, or you can schedule an appointment at Health Services for most vaccines.


Can I waive vaccines? I did not receive standard childhood immunizations. What should I do?
We strongly recommend that all students receive immunizations as required for school entrance by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These requirements exist to protect the health of every individual student, our campus community, and protect the public health of our global population. Massachusetts allows exemption from vaccines for only two reasons: medical or religious exemption. Massachusetts does NOT recognize philosophical exemptions to vaccines. Students with valid exemptions must complete a Smith College vaccine exemption waiver by deadline date and prior to registration and orientation. Contact the Schacht Center for questions at

Students with further questions about vaccines, or medical or religious vaccine exemptions, are encouraged to review the information below and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and contact the Schacht Center with questions.


I can’t find my immunization records. What should I do?
Call your most recent school or doctor’s office and ask if they have your immunizations on file. Check with your state, city or town to see if they have an immunization registry. Send copies to us. Keep a copy for yourself!


I can’t get Tuberculosis Blood Tests (IGRA Tspot or Quantiferon Gold) in my home country. What should I do?
If you arrive in Massachusetts before college orientation, please be in touch with us. We can arrange for you to have testing performed. We can also perform the test here on your first day of orientation.


Is there a place near campus I can get vaccines, or otherwise complete my forms?
Yes. Northampton has several walk in clinics conveniently located near campus:

  • CVS Minute Clinic, 366 King Street, Northampton, 413-586-8315
  • Cooley Dickinson Urgent Care Clinic, 30 Locust Street, Northampton, 413-582-2330
  • OnCall Urgent Care Clinic, 6 Hatfield Street, Northampton, 413-584-7425
  • Baystate Urgent Care, 325B King Street, Northampton, 413-387-4197
  • MedExpress, 424 Russell Street, Hadley, 413-253-0483


Do I need a TB test?
Only If you answer “yes” to the screening questions. Your doctor MUST sign the form.

Confidentiality Statement

We respect your right to confidential, quality care. We believe that an interdisciplinary, coordinated approach delivers the optimal quality of care. You should know that:

  • Medical and counseling records are separate from other college departments. All Schacht Center medical and counseling records are confidential and cannot be accessed by other college departments.
  • The Schacht Center is an integrated center for physical and mental health needs and your records are accessible to Schacht Center staff within the medical and counseling services.
  • Entry of psychotropic medications prescribed by the Schacht Center is made in the medical record.
  • No medical or counseling information is shared outside of Health Services without your consent. Exceptions to this include emergencies and where it is mandated by law.
  • Information relevant to your care may be shared, on a need-to-know basis, among the professional medical and counseling staff of Health Services.
  • Student permission is required to share information with parents, guardians or other individuals except in emergencies.